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Has Fallout 4 Just Been Teased? (UPDATE: Confirmed, Trailer Inside!)

UPDATE 3: Official site has launched!

UPDATE 2: Fallout 4 trailer just released! Vault 111 in Boston seems to have finally opened! 

UPDATE: Bethesda appears to be streaming live now: 

So this morning, I woke up to the best news-that-might-be-just-a-teaser-but-a-teaser-is-still-news news I have seen in a long time.

First, Bethesda changed their Facebook banner image to this:


Then this website went up:

Such a big teaser. What do you guys think, is this a prelude to announcing for the next Fallout installment? Or is this another hype up for E3?

Alternatively, what’s going to be new in this installment? A Fallout MMO? Fallout co-op?

Are you guys excited for the next Fallout? Personally, I am! I’ve been playing Fallout since I first touched a computer. I still remember the first time a deathclaw’s head blew up. What are your guys’ earliest Fallout memories?

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