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Hack And Slash PaperCraft Come To Life In Book Of Demons


A hack ‘n slash dungeon that’s entirely made of paper, and an adventure to save the world… What could be greater?

Enter a horrific and humorous tale, given the choice to play as one of three paper heroes who must not fail. The task at hand is to slay the dark creatures, but luckily you’ll have access to all these key features:

  • An upgradeable card deck to unify spells and skills, and many more weapons to help with all of your kills
  • A unique fighting and movement system for strategic gameplay that lets you maneuver and dodge in a whole new way
  • The flexiscope system which allows the player to choose how big of a game session to win at — or lose
  • And more!

With randomly built dungeons and endless gameplay, the 60+ monster types will leave you having a hayday.

So ready thyself! For within two seasons, you’ll experience it all and so much more in Book of Demons.









Book of Demons is set to release Q3 of 2016 for PC. More platforms to be announced soon.

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