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GTA 5 Has 32 Interiors You Can’t Get To (But Now You Can!)

GTA 5 Interiors mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 has one of the largest maps seen in any game, yet somehow, there are places within the game that you just aren’t able to get to. Places that Rockstars’ employees took the time to create, and put into the game, yet were cut in the final release.

There are at least 32 interior locations that are in the game, yet you can’t access them. Some are in mission sequences, but some are just not even shown at all. Despite that, many of these locations actually have NPC pedestrians going about their business within these loacales.

Thanks to a pair of  GTA5 modders calling themselves NewTheft, we now have the ability to see these locations for ourselves. Their Open All Interiors mod could be the most mind-blowing thing we’ll uncover in GTA5.

GTA 5 Interiors mod

Why would Rockstar go through all the effort of creating these, sometimes heavily detailed building interiors — presumably paying someone a lot of money to do it — and then cut players off from seeing them? Sure, I can see not using the missions that these locations were made of, but why disconnect them from the rest of the game?

Places that have interiors unlocked include a couple of police stations, one downtown, and the County Sheriff’s office. The Life Invader offices are opened up and on the upper floor there are workstations (with dual screens!) and employees doing their daily work. The lengths that the developers went to make the world of Los Santos feel vibrant and alive is amazing. The Tequi-La-La is another bar that was made, populated, then cut from the game. This is more of a night club, with no strippers on poles. You’ll find a live band, and a pool table in the basement. Maze Bank arena is another location that has been opened up. The interior looks like it was fully modeled, with a basement and everything. On the lower floor there is a TV studio with the set of “Fame or Shame”.

Some of the interiors have been cut off completely, where there is no door to be opened up. These locations seem be completely baron of NPC pedestrians. Bahama Mamma’s is on of those places, but the mod allows you to teleport into these buildings by standing in front of them. The FIB building is a combination of the two. You can walk right in the front door. Standing in front of the first elevator will teleport you to the 49th floor. There’s much to explore in this one.

Some of the interiors are absolutlely staggering. It must have been heartbreaking for whoever spent the countless hours designing the intricate warehouse and meat packing plants, only to have them deleted from free roam. Many of these places are part of the story, but who plays GTA for the story?

I honestly can’t believe there are this many extra places that have been cut from the game. GTA5’s map is already stunningly large.


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