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Goodgame Empire – Alliance Cities Preview

pasted image 0Are you in the AYB Empire? Goodgame Empire? The game that has won multiple awards and is completely playable on the AYBOnline webpage (click sponsors above) is coming out with a brand new add-on to the game. The winds of change are rife across the kingdom! Vicious warriors from distant realms, have converged on our Great Empire, bringing with them bloodshed, famine and poverty. Seeing the affliction placed upon our world, the Emperor has decreed that all of the Noble Houses of the realm are to receive a royal land grant to craft a glorious citadel for any Alliance that has constructed a noble house, the Alliance City.

These Alliance Cities will be monuments to the power of the Alliance, a place for its warriors to gather, train together, and plan their strategies to keep the Great Empire safe. Of course, these Cities will start small, but can be elevated into real fortresses of unity. In order to ensure that these cities are used to their full potential, the Emperor has also decreed that there will occasionally be a competition held, in which Alliances must compete in noble combat with one another, in order to earn the Emperor’s favor and become the Royal Capital.

As decreed by the Emperor, any alliance with a Noble House, will be granted an Alliance City. One of these cities will become the Royal Capital, but how do you claim it for yourself?

Alliance Cities

  • Any alliance that has founded a Noble House will receive an Alliance City.
  • This City will appear in the nearest empty space to the Alliance Leader.
  • Once the City has been constructed, you’ll be able to enter the city’s interface.
  • This is different to a regular city, as you cannot choose which buildings to construct, or where to build them. Instead, you’ll have 4 different ‘plots’ to build upon, as well as gates and walls. Only the alliance leader can order their construction.
  • Every building you can construct on these plots will offer a specific bonus to your Alliance City.
  • These bonuses will be reflected on the strength of your alliance city defense.
  • Defense works differently here, as your army arrangement/strength, your tools, and your castellan, will all be determined by your city upgrades.
  • Your alliance leader can set the distribution of troops and tools however.
  • Your defensive army is set. You cannot send other tools/troops to defend your Alliance City but, and here’s the kicker, your troops will respawn! Any defensive troops that you lose in an attack on your Alliance City, will automatically respawn so that they can be used again immediately.
  • You can use your Alliance Funds to upgrade the cities, and you can now also deposit kingdom resources into your funds.
  • Battle horns and reports will be visible for the Alliance Leader.
  • There will also be temporary boosts available, to improve your chance of success in the battle.


The Battle for the Royal Capital

As the Emperor wants to ensure that all the Alliances remain competitive, ready for the challenges ahead, a competition was decreed. The winner of this competition will have their city designated as the Royal Capital of the realm, until the next battle ensues!

  • Once the Battle for the Royal Capital starts, attacks on other alliance’s cities will be possible.
  • These attacks will always be anonymous, and will have a set distance, no matter where you send them from. (appearing as Shadow Attacks would)
  • Battling to become the Royal Capital is focused around stealing Royal Tokens from other Alliance Cities.
  • When you attack a city, a percentage of the alliances tokens will be taken, with the estimated amount being displayed before the attack.
  • The more tokens an Alliance has, the more they’ll lose when they are defeated in battle.
  • This makes it worthwhile to try and take out the current leaders, as they’re worth more points!
  • During the battle, every player that attacks an Alliance City (even those without a Noble House), will receive Royal Coins for themselves.
  • These coins are similar to the Khan Tablets, being generated from the attacks, but not being stolen from the other player.
  • Royal Coins can be used to purchase unique equipment, gems, kingdom resources and an all new deco.
  • You must own a Noble House in order to steal Royal Tokens, but not to gain Royal Coins.
  • After the event is over, all of your Royal Tokens will go into your Alliance Funds, and when the next battle starts, everyone’s count will be reset.

The Royal Capital

Those that earn the Emperor’s favour in the battle, can expect great prestige, as owners of the Royal Capital.

  • The winner of the battle will have their Alliance City converted to the Royal Capital until the next battle.
  • The Capital will have a prestigious new appearance, and provide bonuses to the Alliance.
  • These bonuses include boosters, such as a bonus to food production for all Alliance members.
  • The Royal Coat of Arms of the winning Alliance, and their name, will also be displayed on the Map of the Kingdoms, signifying their dominance over the entire Kingdom!

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Reactor303 is a Contributing Writer for AYBOnline Inc. His opinions, though extremely awesome and insane, are his own!

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