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Gold, Black and Gravely Voices are Back

Yesterday Square-Enix and Eidos-Montréal released the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – 101 Trailer.

With 6 minutes, all in game content building up the conflict between augmented humans and normal humans as well as showing off some of the differences combat choices will make in the story. the trailer also addresses Deus Ex: Human Revolutions biggest issue, lack of really cool upgrades. Like slowing time, shooting your arm blades at people, titan shield and leaping forward to close gaps.

Deus Ex Mankind divided special edition

They also showed off the Collector’s Edition and Day One Edition after cancelling their controversial “Augment Your Preorder” nonsense in October 2015. The Collector’s Edition will come with a 9″ Adam Jensen figurine, a steelbook case for the game and an art book all in a gold and black prism for $139.99.

Day One purchases will come with extra in-game mission, Covert Agent Pack (contains in-game items, including various weapons, re-skins, and upgrades), digital OST and a sampler digital books (mini artbook + novella + comic book). There is also a digital Deluxe Edition that will have all the Day One pack content plus the Season Pass for $89.99.

If this has you excited for some tactical cyborg action, Deus Ex: Mankind divided is released on August 23.

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