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Going back to the Neon 80’s with Hotline Miami: Wildlife


Hotline Miami‘s blend of extreme difficulty, retro art style, mysterious story and one of the greatest soundtracks of all time have left them with a special place in my heart. This week I was super excited to see a small group of 3 people called Dayjob Studio were launching their official Hotline Miami comic.

Hotline Miami: Wildlife follows the story of Chris, a Miami party guy with a fear of communist invasions and strange phone calls. Right now only issue one of eight has been released on the humble bundle store DRM free. After reading through the issue I can’t wait for more, it’s all the blood, violence, and neon lights that made me fall in love with the Hotline Miami universe in the first place.

For the best reading experience put either of the game’s soundtracks in the background and join the masked madness. Right now the full series is on sale for $11.99USD in either CBR or PDF format.

Patrick Algeo is a 50 Blessings recruit and writer for All Your Base Online

(Patrick’s copy was won off the studio’s Facebook giveaway)

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