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Get Your Fill Of Hairy Chests And Conquering Kingdoms In Crush Your Enemies

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Bored with usual real time strategy games where you harvest wheat, tax the people, and rule peasants with an iron fist? Well Vile Monarch has just the game for you. Who needs diplomacy when you have an axe! It’s time to Crush Your Enemies!

In Crush Your Enemies, players will manage a group of rowdy barbarians looking to conquer everything in sight. The game takes a classic top down perspective to control your armies, but boasts a simplistic single hand play style which will lend itself well to tablet and smart phone players. The game takes resource and army management back to basics so players can focus on dominating faster and easier than ever before.

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The game will also offer strategy in its simplicity as players will still need to gather resources to build their armies. This will of course take time and land which is ever dwindling as the game carries on.

Armies are divided into certain types such as warrior and archers who come with both strengths and weaknesses. This, along with resource management, will give players a game that’s easy to play but hard to master, especially when they begin to challenge others in the online multiplayer mode.

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Crush Your Enemies gets rid of a lot of the bloat and politics of other games in the genre by boiling it down to what we all want to accomplish: ruling the world with an iron beard!  That’s my kind of RTS.

Crush Your Enemies is set to release this spring on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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