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Hustle Your Way To Mars In The Technomancer

Hundreds of years in the future, man has colonized Mars. The only problem being that we made the same mistakes we did on Earth. Now life on the red planet hangs in the balance after a cataclysmic event has cut off communication to our home planet and the War of Water intensifies. Welcome to the dystopian future of The Technomancer.

Spiders Studio brings the player into the shoes of an aspiring Technomancer with a mysterious past. These mage like warriors can channel electricity via their cybernetic implants and are both respected and feared on the Mars surface. Working towards your final initiation, players will need to use all of their skill and cunning to complete their training in this savage world filled with deadly creatures and corrupt police. But not all choices will be met with violence as the game will feature branching story arcs that will let the players decide how to handle certain situations.



But when talking is not an option, players will have access to multiple skill trees to level up and train their hero in deadly combat for defense or all out anarchy. They will also be well equipped for a fight as the game will have an in depth crafting mechanic for armor and weapons alike. And they will need all the help they can get when they venture out into the wastes to discover lost ruins and cities and ultimately the truth about being a Technomancer.












Get ready to rumble on the red planet when The Technomancer releases this summer on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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