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Get Ready To Embrace The Darkness In Dark Souls III


If there is one series in recent history that has grabbed my attention and various other parts and never let go, it’s the Souls series. Ever since I played Demon’s Souls for the first time, I have been absolutely hooked on the bleak environments, visceral combat, and soul crushing difficulty.

If you are new to the series or a hardened veteran, please enjoy the newest trailer entitled:

“Darkness Has Spread”

Fans were recently treated to an amazing game play trailer at the Playstation Experience, where they gave us a taste of things to come. If this trailer is any indication, this is going to be the biggest and hardest Souls game yet. It looks as though From Software has learned a few tricks and have really been listening to what players want in a new Souls title. They have definitely taken some of the movement and combat straight out of Bloodborne and injected into this series, which I am beyond excited about.

Check out this four-minute gameplay trailer to see just some of the punishment you can look forward to in the new game.


Spoilers or not, this trailer has only confirmed my hype for the next installment in all its bloody glory.  I will be waiting with open arms to embrace the darkness when Dark Souls III releases April 12th 2016.

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