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Get Ready for An Epic Quest with Your Digital Dad in Dad Quest

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Excalibur Games brings us Dad Quest, an action-adventure platformer with some RPG elements that allows players to play one of two dads in a quest to raise your child whilst on a journey to the legendary Dad Island. Your dad will be able to wield his child as a weapon, toss them through the air to defeat the evil “Bad Dads”, and collect treasures to upgrade their dad-and-child duo.

The act of throwing the child as a projectile is not only a unique style of play, but it also keeps the child happy, and a happy child means a happy father. Excalibur Games says that this combat system is under constant development and they encourage you to keep posted to the webpage where you can see further updates. Players will also be able to collect and buy toys for their child to unlock new powers and abilities. This allows you to gain access to secret areas and levels in the game. And for those achievement hunters out there, the game is also full of “Dadges” to find, to guarantee yourself a place on Dad Island. Check out the trailer below for more dad action!

Dad Quest is currently on Steam Greenlight, and if you want to try your hand at the child-flinging action, you can download the demo right here!

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