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From Feudal Japan to Badass Elephants — New Releases, Week of July 20th

Friends, it’s our favorite day of the week: Monday.

Oh, I can see it now — you’re brewing your coffee, hair an absolute train wreck, replaying this weekend’s regrets in your head. My friends, leave your case of the Mondays at the door and allow this to cheer you up. Have I got a line up for you; from feudal Japan to some sick, twisted love child from GameFreak & Sega comes this week’s New Releases.

I generally don’t dive into Early Access for many reasons, one being that I believe games should be fully finished before being released. I mean, I get the whole concept of the Early Access program, but I’m just not into buggy games. However, there comes a game once in a while that is the exception. Poly Bridge is just that game.

Poly Bridge allows you to unleash your inner engineer. It taps right into creativity by having an engaging UI and features, allowing your imagination to flow with all the bells and whistles. This fresh bridge-building simulator delivers hours of physics-based puzzle solving.  Unleash your inner engineer in the sandbox or campaign!

Not to be outdone, GameFreak — the guys who brought you Pokémon — and Sega — the guys who gave you Sonic — bring you the love child of both worlds. TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT


Just watch the trailer. This game looks like nothing but action, and you can easily see the influences from both studios. Developed by GameFreak and published by Sega, Tembo is heavily inspired by both the Pokémon and Sonic series. For lack of better terms: this game looks as if some scientist in the Pokélab cross bred a Mamoswine with Sonic, thus resulting in a rampage through Shell City.

I can definitely see myself playing this title. The real selling feature would be the similar game-play to Sonic; that’s what I first noticed, and I died when I heard classic GameFreak sound effects. It really has a great nostalgic feel.

As the story goes, you play as Tembo. Your city is in a state of emergency after being attacked by Phantom. It’s up to you to battle away the war machines and tear through the city, leaving in your wake a trail of destruction and mayhem. Packed with over 18 cleverly designed 2-D side-scrolling levels full of adventure, anyone who loves platformers and action — this game is for you!

And making it’s way to PC from console after three years, we’ll see Way of the Samurai 4. The Way of the Samurai series takes place in the quaint port town of Amihama during the 19th Century. For those history buffs out there, we all know what this means… the game takes place several years after the “black ships” arrive from the West, thus ending Japan’s cultural isolation.

In the game, you’ll be taking on the role of a masterless samurai, or ronin, and given the ultimate morality/decision making experience. You thought Mass Effect was tough on you? This game pits you against three factions at once, and you must decide what is best for Japan. Side with the government as they attempt to keep peace and establish relationships with the new foreigners? Or do you side with the traditionalist and isolationist as they attempt to exile this new potential threat to your home land? Or do you side with the British? (We all know how that turns out.)

What it boils down to: Who will gain your support? Who the heck are you going to betray? Literally, it’s all up to you: become Japan’s greatest hero or a disgrace to humanity.

Now, onto gameplay!

You’ll experience some sweet branching story lines with more than three colourful endings, beautiful swordplay from what I’ve seen, dynamic character customization, legit Japanese voice overs (English subs), sword collecting (like hats, but sharp) and a beautiful open world for you to explore.

Enough of me talking! Here, check it out for yourself:

So until next week when I’m here making your Monday just that much more tolerable, Orion Out!

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