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Fractured Space – It’s free until noon!

imagesHappy Monday gamers!

If you were gaming this weekend online chances are you noticed some new games added to your library as part of Steam’s free weekend, one of them was Fractured Space. A fast paced team based, destroy everything and make the other team ‘GG’ at the fifteen minute marker kind of game. 

Fractured Space, if you participated in the free weekend and loaded up their game you and tried it, You and  anybody else who picked up the game as part of the promotion will get to keep it forever as stated on their Free Weekend page.

Fractured Space is an early access on steam which has been met with over 1,058 Positive reviews!

Fractured space is 5V5 team based game, where victory hinges on team work, solid strategy and dominating the enemy into defeat to ultimately destroy their base.

What are you waiting for? Go get out there get rekt in space and let us know about your experiences!

Fractured Space is free to play during that time, as well upgrade packs will be 25% off. The promotion ends at 12pm CST so don’t delay!

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