Float like a butterfly and sting like a Gundam!


Imagine yourself piloting a mech with Half-Life’s Gravity Gun to push and pull mass destruction on Medici. Sounds pretty badass right? Now imagine flying around with your grappling hook trying to hijack it. Rico has some work cut out for him.


Avalanche Studios describes hijacking the new mechs as not so intimidating once you get a little something called the Bavarium Power Core Rifle to knock the shield down, then it’s all fun and games inside. With the amount of power at your disposal, these mechanical beasts, which you would see right out of Metal Gear, are described as a force to be reckoned with. You could really cause some chaos with the mech weapons like the GRIP (Gravitational Remote Influence Projector) where you could grab objects and launch them into a garden of fire and explosions, or stomp around the land to crush tanks and swat helicopters out of the air like King Kong. I’m pumped to be flying and grappling around to take out mech giants like Eren from Attack on Titan, or a Snow Speeder hooked onto a AT-AT!


Hijack the Just Cause 3: Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass ($24.99) and the Mech Land Assault Expansion is available now! But for all you pyrotechs without the Expansion Pass, you can grab Mech Land Assault for $11.99 on XBOX One, PS4 and PC on June 10th, 2016!

Kelvin M. is a contributor for AYBOnline, he can be found tethering soldiers to mopeds in Citate Di Ravello

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