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Flex Your Tactical Muscles in We Are The Dwarves


Whale Rock Games’ new tactical adventure title We Are The Dwarves will be released on PC in less than a month!

Featuring brand new gameplay in the video above with the intrepid trio of dwarven astronauts — Smashfist, Forcer, and Shadow — in action, We Are The Dwarves explores the depths of space in this 3rd person adventure, featuring world exploration, battling alien lifeform, and using the strengths of each dwarf to create a balance in battle between control, support, and stealth.

Whale Rock Games’ project lead Alexey Moskovchenko takes us through the importance of understanding each dwarf’s ability to help you gain the upper hand and planning strategic moves using the tactical element of active pause in this exciting new gameplay video.

With the Dwarven stars slowly dying and extinction closing in on their race, the three brave explorers venture forth to find new life and hope for their people.

This exciting new title will launch on February 26th for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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