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Face Psychological Horror in The Shattering

Developers Deck13 and SuperSexySoftware are teaming up to create a first-person horror game called The Shattering. 


The Shattering is about a broken mind trying to build itself back after suffering experiencing traumatic events. The game will have players navigate the internal turmoil of a man trapped inside the horrors of his own mind.

This game also aims to have the player character experience realistic physical reactions to stress and fear. As of this moment, it is unclear how this will take place.


Conceptually, this game sounds very intriguing but at this time, we know so little. Luckily, the Shattering will be playable at this year’s Gamescom. Personally, I cannot wait to see what this game turns out to be! The few screenshots tell us so little about what is actually taking place. While the settings do look a bit sparse, I hope the developers us this style to really mess with player’s expectations.

Nedu is a writer for AYBOnline. He believes Hell is a state of mind. His views are his own.

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