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Extra Crispy Action In The Future – Cyber Chicken


It is the future. A dystopian New York where corporations rule and cyberpunks run the streets. You try to help the balance by hunting down and removing these punks for a tidy profit. The only problem is, the real villains are calling the shots, and now you are the one being hunted. It’s time to take these corporations down one bullet at a time. Oh, did I mention you’re also a chicken? Welcome to Cyber Chicken.

Cyber Chicken is a 2D side-scrolling action platform where players will assume the role of Cyber Chicken, a mechanically enhanced organism built for death and destruction. The developers describe the game as a “balls-to-the-wall homage to ‘80s action heroes” and, judging by the trailer, it looks like they nailed it. Cyber Chicken will have a ridiculous arsenal at his finger tips with everything from a Magnum 357,000 and Napalm Flamethrower, to a Sawed-Off Howitzer and a pair of Thermonuclear Uzis. The action only gets better from there, as players will be able to upgrade their weapons and platforming abilities at Big Bucks vending machines. Players will also need to manage their money and stay out of debt, because if you owe money, you’ll have to answer to “The Collector” who has only one purpose: He will track you, and he kill you… then steal all of your hard earned upgrades!


Thomas Brooke (creator, Cyber Chicken):

Cyber Chicken is an ode to the mythology of Don Quixote — and we use satire of pop culture as our windmills for this futuristic terminator-errant to tilt against. Part of the fun for us was to layer in as many humorous references to classic books, movies, games and modern day institutions and figures as possible. There’s a big story going on here. Ultimately, the game is about what it means to be a hero — but more than anything, we wanted Cyber Chicken to be all about fun.”

Jordan Gabrielle (game director and designer, WHOA!):

Cyber Chicken was built with old-school gaming in mind. Growing up as gamers, we embraced that while also adding plenty of modernized elements. We offer players lots of weapons, upgrades, melee moves and enemy encounters — and while the action is pretty relentless, we’ve integrated humor and some playful mechanics such as our unique debt system or coffee-fueled bullet time to keep players on their toes. We want to give them an experience that feels familiar but is ultimately fresh, exciting — and most importantly, fun to play.”


* Terminate enemies with multi-weapon arsenal and skill set with more than 45 upgrades.
* Double-jump, dash, ground-stomp and wall-jump your way through more than 13 levels in a semi-open world — upgrading to unlock new areas.
* Use credit at Big Bucks vending machines — but avoid the wrath of “The Collector,” who might repossess upgrades to repay your debt!
* Enjoy a fully voice acted cast and soundtrack featuring 40 original tracks composed by Noam Guterman.
* Experience comic book-style, story-driven gameplay with lots of comedic moments to balance the mayhem.
* Personalize your controls with custom key bindings with support for mouse and keyboard or gamepad.


If Cyber Chicken seems like your kind of game, you’re in luck! You can get it right now on a 15% launch discount for $14.44 lasting through the game’s first week on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux).

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