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EXTERMINATE! Time To Call In The Bug Butcher

Do you have an infestation of lava-spewing, laser-shooting, bouncy, squishy alien life forms? Well that’s when you call on Harry, the Bug Butcher.

The Bug Butcher is a shoot-em’-“up” game that comes to us from new developer Awfully Nice Studios — but the minds behind Awfully Nice are anything but new. Special effects master Rainer Zoettl and character modeller Till Aschwanden both left Blizzard Entertainment to form their own studio and pursue their dream of joining the indie gaming scene.

In The Bug Butcher, you take on the role of Harry the exterminator as you blast your way through 30 levels of squishy, bouncing bugs. The gameplay is an homage to Super Buster Bros., where the player is only able to shoot upwards to attack the enemy. The game will also come with a few multiplayer modes, including co-op and competitive challenges.


So get ready to blast some bugs when The Bug Butcher releases Jan 19th on Steam for $7.99!

Dandr0id is a content writer for and producer for Level 1 Scrubs podcast. His opinions are his own.

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