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Evolve is getting Shockingly Badass


Say hello to Evolve’s brand new hunter mutation Electro Griffin. Electro Griffin is taking a break from hunting cyber ninjas to help lend a hand hunting monsters.

If you were disappointed with no sequel to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon being announced, Turtle Rock Studios is here to fill the hole in your heart. Sporting an electric harpoon, a shocking SMG, and motion sensors designed to detect cyber ninjas, he’s ready to give the monsters an 80’s style ass kicking.

For the legend in action, check out this radical trailer. The patch also includes huge changes like tutorials added to help new players get into the hunt, monster nerfs, increased credit earning, and hunter buffs to balance the fight. For a full list of changes and some cool Electro Griffin artwork check out the full update page, and if you want to enlist to fight monsters, Evolve is Free on steam.

Patrick Algeo is an 80’s fan and writer for All Your Base Online.

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