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Enter A Deep Space Nightmare On A Courseless Ship In Syndrome

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Something has gone wrong aboard the most advanced deep space exploration ship in the fleet. No one knows what went wrong, but it’s up to you to find out. The only problem is you are not alone. Both friends and coworkers alike are all dead, but something still stirs in the darkness. Welcome to Syndrome

Camel 101 wanted to take the horror genre back to its roots of low supply and a constant fear of danger and what better place for that to happen, but in the long dark corridors of a space craft. Syndrome will put players to the test with low supplies, scarce ammunition and a constant dread of turning the next corner that seems to be missing from modern survival horror games.


Camel 101 describes the monsters as one of the key features of the game because they will not just be brainless eating machines. They say the monsters will be intelligent hunters much stronger and faster than you. Players will have to stick to the shadows, watching their every move and wait for the right time to strike, or slip passed unnoticed.




Syndrome will be releasing some time this summer for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with Oculus Rift support upon launch.

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