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Drop Into a New Style of RTS in Dropzone

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In the distant future, humanity depends on a powerful energy source known as cores. These cores are mined from Jupiter’s moon Europa, but something has gone horribly wrong and the human race is in danger. Hostile aliens known as the Kavash have taken over the planet and pushed the mining operations out.  You, as a core hunter, are human’s last hope of survival.

Welcome to Dropzone.

Sparkypants, makers of Rise of Nations, are back at it with a new take of the classic RTS genre. They are looking to mix the top down unit management of the RTS — but mix it with the fast combat and movement of a MOBA.

Players will control three pilots with various abilities and skills, and choose from a large selection of war machines known as Rigs for them to pilot.


Because gameplay in Dropzone will be a unique mix of RTS and MOBA, it will focus on 1V1 combat, set in 15-minute matches. This will be a great option for players that don’t have an hour to burn in a typical MOBA-style game.

There is also extensive customization options for both pilots and Rigs giving all players the ability to setup for their own play style.


Dropzone is set for a 2016 release as a free download for PC. You can check them out at their website found here.

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