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Dinocide Released, Dinosaur Fans Rejoice

Have a hankering for something with dinosaurs? What if you’re feeling wistful about the good ol’ days of sitting on a couch staring at a 50-pound CRT TV?

Satisfy both of those urges at once with the newly released Dinocide by AtomicTorch, a satisfyingly-pixelated game set at the dawn of man (also starring dinosaurs) in a survival adventure platformer where you explore, tame and ride dinosaurs, then use them to save your partner from an evil dinosaur god.  Inspired by Adventure Island, the game features a hunger mechanic along with a time limit, so you’ll have to appreciate the game’s many biomes and great pixel art while remaining mobile.

Other reasons to give the game a look are it’s surprisingly catchy music and non-linear story, which allow you to embrace your wanderlust and just go where the wind takes you. Also, did I mention you can ride the dinosaurs?

Dinocide is out now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can find the announcement trailer here if you want to see it in action.

Gavin Bouchard is Twitch streamer and a Contributor for; you can find his Twitch here.

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