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Digital Fiasco – Episode 18: It’s the Circle of Life (And it Screws Us All)

Greetings, AYB! Jack McBastard here again with another episode of Digital Fiasco. This week we discuss the Gamestop “Circle of Life” controversy, and how the used game market screws developers (and the customer).


Digital Fiasco is a weekly video game podcast covering PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC, with a little nerd culture thrown in. Every Monday, hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard discuss all the hot topics in gaming, always striving to prove why you should give a damn. Whether you prefer Sony, or Microsoft (or Nintendo), or perhaps you’re a member of the PC master race, we have gaming topics to cover it.


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WARNING: May contain profanity, mature content, and talk of that terrible Codemasters game, Damnation


Episode 18: It’s the Circle of Life (And it Screws Us All)

  • (2:03) Dandr0id finishes Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  • (14:19) Dandr0id plays Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
  • (19:49) Jack McBastard Plays Yakuza 0
  • (34:34) Jack McBastard Plays Astroneer
  • (43:36) Discs, Downloads and DLC
  • (47:45) Anti-Releases
  • (49:25) Games going gold (and bitching about Nier)
  • (55:54) Bad Switch News: Week 3
  • (1:02:04) Skate 4
  • (1:04:53) Final Fantasy XV (Early Access)
  • (1:10:54) RIP WiiU (2012-2017)
  • (1:12:15) Ubisoft isn’t sending copies of For Honor to review
  • (1:14:58) Zenimax vs Oculus case closed
  • (1:18:40) Playstation 4.50 Firmware
  • (1:23:30) Bastion getting a buff?
  • (1:28:59) Rocket League Fauxmiibos
  • (1:30:29) Richard Physics
  • (1:32:39) It’s the Circle of Life (And it screws us all)
  • (1:45:23) The Options Menu: Second Chances
  • (1:46:59) Second Chances: Pilotwings
  • (1:55:45) Second Chances: Brutal Legend
  • (2:06:49) Outtro

Jack McBastard and Dandr0id are contributors for AYBOnline. Their opinions are their own. For example, I keep thinking that things can’t get worse for the Nintendo Switch, but every week I’m proven wrong. Get it together Nintendo, I’m not re-buying the virtual console Metroid a third time.

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