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Digital Fiasco – Episode 07: Ubisoft’s Last Stand and Blizzcon 2016


Greetings, AYBeekeepers! Jack McBastard here again with another episode of Digital Fiasco. This week we talk about Vivendi’s creeping takeover of Ubisoft, as well as Sombra’s reveal at Blizzcon 2016. All of that and more in this week’s episode!

Digital Fiasco is a weekly video game podcast covering PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC, with a little nerd culture thrown in. Every Monday, hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard discuss all the hot topics in gaming, always striving to prove why you should give a damn. Whether you prefer Sony, or Microsoft (or Nintendo), or perhaps you’re a member of the PC master race, we have gaming topics to cover it.

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WARNING: May contain profanity, mature content, and talk of that terrible Codemasters game, Damnation


Episode 07: Ubisoft’s Last Stand and Blizzcon 2016

  • (1:47) Board Games – Myth, Twilight Imperium, Cosmic Encounter, The Iron Throne
  • (6:23) Dandr0id Plays: Dishonored
  • (13:06) Jack avoids Playing: Skyrim Special Edition
  • (14:41) Jack Plays: Eon Altar
  • (22:10) Jack Plays: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • (31:13) New Releases
  • (48:05) Titanfall’s tacky tweets
  • (55:21) PlayStation 4 Sales figures and the PlayStation 4 Pro
  • (58:31) Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
  • (1:01:00) Red Dead Remonetization
  • (1:05:04) Blaster Master Zero
  • (1:09:58) Red Faction 2 and THQ Nordic’s master plan
  • (1:13:34) Ubisoft vs Vivendi: Blood in the Water
  • (1:20:03) CD Projekt Red rumors of takeover
  • (1:26:32) Sombra revealed at Blizzcon 2016
  • (1:34:27) Official Overwatch League
  • (1:40:43) Grabby McBagface
  • (1:42:32) Options Menu: Tales from the Backlog
  • (1:47:02) Options Menu: Hidden Gems – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • (1:53:49) Options Menu: Hidden Gems – Syndicate (2012)

Jack McBastard is a content writer for AYBOnline, and the host of Digital Fiasco. His opinions are his own.

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