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Digital Fiasco – Episode 06: Bethesda vs The Media and VR War!


Greetings AYBeatniks! Jack McBastard here again with another episode of Digital Fiasco. This week we talk about Bethesda being anti-consumer, and the brewing turf war over VR hardware. All of that and more in this week’s episode!

Digital Fiasco is a weekly video game podcast covering Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC, with a little nerd culture thrown in. Every Monday, hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard discuss all the hot topics in gaming, always striving to prove why you should give a damn. Whether you prefer Sony, or Microsoft (or Nintendo), or perhaps you’re a member of the PC master race, we have gaming topics to cover it.

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WARNING: May contain profanity, mature content, and talk of that terrible Codemasters game, Damnation

Episode 06: Bethesda vs The Media and VR War!

  • BaseLAN 30 (1:22)
  • Destroy All Humans! First in the World to Platinum (9:35)
  • Mafia III is better than Colin Moriarty thinks (10:41)
  • Dragon Quest Builders (20:17)
  • New Releases (both of them) (22:08)
  • Nintendo Switch News Trickle (25:16)
  • David Cage finished writing “Detroit” (30:24)
  • Playstation licensed third party controllers (35:27)
  • Uncharted Movie (37:37)
  • Red Faction (39:28)
  • Kingdom Hearts news roundup (43:50)
  • Final Fantasy XV DLC details (51:06)
  • Watch Dogs 2 (54:48)
  • Steep open beta to see if its worthwhile (56:36)
  • Titanfall 2 has no season pass?! (1:03:10)
  • Hello Games gets hacked (1:09:16)
  • Zenimax vs Oculus lawsuit heats up (1:11:19)
  • Microsoft joins the VR Party (1:14:32)
  • Bethesda vs The World (1:24:04)
  • Grab Bag: Second Chances (1:36:31)


  • Steep Open Beta sign ups at:
  • Pro Skier Matilda Rapaport Dies During Film Shoot for Ubisoft’s New Game Steep (LINK)
  • And be sure to listen to the musical stylings of “Space Asshole” by Idle Thumbs

Jack is a glorious podcasting McBastard, and also writes content for AYBOnline. His thoughts are his own.

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