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Digital Fiasco – Episode 05: Nintendo Switch Analysis and Red Dead Returns

Digital Fiasco: Episode 5 - Nintendo Switch Analysis and Red Dead Returns


Greetings AYBeatniks! I am of course your friendly neighborhood Jack McBastard, and I’d like to introduce you to a brand new featured podcast here at AYBOnline called Digital Fiasco.

Digital Fiasco is a weekly Playstation, Xbox, and PC, video games podcast with a little nerd culture thrown in. Every Monday Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard discuss all the hot topics in gaming, always striving to prove why you should give a damn. Whether you prefer Sony or Microsoft (or Nintendo), or perhaps you’re a member of the PC master race, we have gaming topics to cover it.

WARNING: May contain profanity, mature content, and talk of that terrible Codemasters game, Damnation


This week on Digital Fiasco:

  • BaseLAN hype (1:13)
  • Mafia III vs Godfather II (5:37)
  • Destroy All Humans! PS4 disappears from PSN Store (12:38)
  • New Releases (17:23)
  • Red Dead Returns (35:50)
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew delays (48:12)
  • Quantum Break patching (50:57)
  • Star Control and Stardock (53:35)
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 (56:37)
  • The Last Guardian (58:06)
  • Nintendo: Four generations of questionable design choices (1:07:14)
  • Nintendo Switch: theories and trailer analysis (1:16:44)
  • Ambushing Dandr0id (1:49:16)
  • Everyone’s Played This Game But Me (1:58:06)
  • Episode 05 marks our first cross posting to AYBOnline, so for those who have not yet heard our show, here are links and summaries to our previous episodes for your enjoyment. Also visit us at our website for outtakes and more.

    In which our heroes discuss having too many games, 4A returning to the metro, another NPD Win for Microsoft, Crash Bandicoot Remastered leak, Problems with Road Rage, and Rockstar Trolling. Plus we talk about near misses, games that could have been good but didn’t quite make it, but first Dan talks too much about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    In which our heroes discuss Assassin’s Creed Empire, Bethesda mods come to PS4, Beyond Good & Evil, Remedy wishing they could go back in time, and Couch Co-op being dead. We’ll also talk about games that didn’t get the recognition they deserved, but first Dan gets his revenge when he puts Jack through a Trial by fire.

    In which our heroes discuss the Mafia III embargo, Microsoft’s APPX encryption issues, Sean Murray, Bethesda still talking about PS4 mods, Quantum Break’s Direct X 12 issues, Pandemic’s Lost projects, the return of Bulletstorm, and Digital Homicide’s legal snafu. Finally, we see why we should give a damn about Dan’s opinion when he goes through a Trial by Fire.

    In which our heroes discuss the reveal of the PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s overall goals with Project Scorpio, including an indepth look at the troubled messaging of the Xbox One launch and how it informs Microsoft’s current strategy. We also discuss No Man’s Sky PR and new content, and EA gobbling up Bioware.


    Dandr0id and Jack McBastard are contributors for AYBOnline. Their opinions are their own, and usually contradictory.

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