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DICE Is Teasing Battlefield Again



Yesterday DICE released a 8 second teaser for the next Battlefield. It didn’t take long for the internet to start over analyzing and crafting theories. On one hand the teaser didn’t show any lasers or power armour hinting maybe to a WWI or WWII setting. And on the other side the music has an electronic sound and the shadow is big enough to be a mech, possibly hinting at a future setting. The one thing we do know is that this isn’t a pre-rendered cut scene but footage inside the “game engine”. With the technical director talking about only supporting Direct X 12 this could be the best looking game for the next few years.

We’ll know more tomorrow when DICE starts their reveal pre-show at 09:00 CST then finally reveals the new title at 15:00 CST*. For the Battlefield veterans it might be time to dust off your flight sticks and upgrade your graphics cards.

Patrick Algeo is a content contributor for His opinions are his own.

*Editors Note: 6 whole hours of Battlefield?! I don’t know how they’re going to fill all that team for a teaser but good luck to whoever is running that show.

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