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Live Update #4 — The Clash of CS:GO Titans Has Begun!

In what’s been said by several players here today, we have two of the greatest possible match ups happening right now as we speak: versus Team Crust, and CyberRev versus Windy Walking Club.

All four teams have shown nothing but skill, determination and professionalism in the tournament today. As tensions rise, they’ll have maintained a level head and a clear focus in their mind combined with a winning attitude… this is truly a clash of the titans and truly a bracket to be watching.

Sitting right in the pit next to Team Crust, I can see firsthand their intense passion for the sport, their angle to see every calculated move. It’s like art. I can only imagine what’s going through their minds as every second ticks on the game clock. It’s been a hit-for-hit match. Relentless, calculated destruction. It’s unreal being able to watch; I can’t imagine playing within that intense environment!

Whoever moves on to the next round will truly deserve it as this is one of the craziest line ups we’ve seen today.

Orion, AYB Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, he has a high gluten tolerance and enjoys a firm handshake. Trust us when we say his opinions are his own.

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