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CS:GO Invitational Series Round 2 Results: True North Stays True

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What an exciting second round!

In our feature match with True North facing off against Kyente and Eclips69, True North started out taking the high ground to get the jump on their opponent. Eclips sought to match the strategy but performance was lacking as True North picked off Eclips’ players in a fell swoop in the first half.

In the second half of the match, Eclips made a slight comeback to regain some ground, hoping to fill the gap and surpass as counter-terrorists but luck was not on their side.

True North dominated against Eclips, flexing their muscles and rifles in a fantastic display, ending in a score of 16 to 8.

The MVP goes out to True North player “Taking-Lives”… who literally did just that in several rounds, taking out entire teams as a lone survivor at times. Damn!

And in the Essence vs. Lineage eSports matchup, Essence started the round up 5-0 for the third time in a row, before Lineage battled back to within 2 before Essence took it 16-13!

Memory Express, Cyber Revolution, and Essence are currently undefeated, with Eclips69 and Glockwork beginning to fall behind the pack — stay tuned for the next round’s update later today!

With contributions from Kate Rhiannon and Jesse Mackenzie.

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