Contest: Win Free Tickets to SuperFX This Saturday

You could win free tickets to the SuperFX concert live at the Park Theatre this Saturday! Scroll down and check out the details!

SuperFX will be playing a selection of classic video game music, featuring their best covers from the 8-bit era onward to current gen. Not only that, but all of it will be accompanied by a synchronized video on a massive screen! If that’s not enough to get you to come out the whole concert is going to be recorded and filmed live for SuperFX’s latest project. So come on down and discover Game Music Evolved! The doors open at 7 PM, tickets are $10, and you can get yourself tickets through


SuperFX is a guitar-driven rock/metal band that pays tribute to the games we grew up with like Sonic, Mario and more recent titles like Halo. In 2013 they released their debut album PRESS START (which I have to say is absolutely mind-blowing). Since this steady climb, SuperFX has been performing locally non-stop at events such as Retro Gamers Unite and C4 Comic Con.

SuperFX got their start as Mode 7 in early 2008. As Mode 7 they played at events such as The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Ai-Kon, BaseLAN and Video Games Live. In January 2011 the band took some time off, dropped down from five to four, and in late 2011 re-emerged from the ashes as SuperFX and continued their video game musical journey.

As a way of saying thanks to the community, SuperFX has given me two tickets to give away for this Saturday’s show! Pretty sweet eh?

Here’s a sample of thier music to get you pumped about the show!

All you have to do to be entered to win is answer this question:

What do Retro Games mean to you?

Comment on AYB’s Facebook post of this story and we’ll have SuperFX choose the winner. The winner will be contacted Friday night. Cheers and good luck!

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