Clustertruck Soars Onto PC and PS4



Well folks it finally happened, after a long and anticipation filled development cycle Clustertruck is now available for the taking. After being teased for quite some time on Reddit by the developers, LandFall Games, the game has gathered a considerable following. With the novel premise of truck parkour and slow motion powers it’s not hard to see how the game stands out as something fresh and exciting, especially when you’re using those skills to traverse a gauntlet of lasers, giant hammers, and flamethrowers atop a convoy of trucks that view the rules of the road as more of a polite suggestion.

Apparently, it was worth the wait as the developers added grappling hooks, jet packs and time control to the list of ways to survive on a runaway truck. Not that they only want to make things easier on you; there’s also the addition of Twitch stream interaction which allows viewers to vote on new modifiers to further challenge you like exploding trucks, inverted controls, and higher gravity. Just in case that wasn’t enough, wait till you see what the evil geniuses on Steam Workshop come up with to have you tearing your hair out as you fail the level for the 37th time. I’ve attached a trailer below in case you can’t quite believe this game exists.


If this sounds like your cup of truck-filled mayhem you’ll find the game on Steam here. A word of advice? Stay alert, stay off the ground, and try not to die. Good luck.

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