Cloud-Hopping With Journey of 1000 Stars


Tired of Switch-ing Colors? Flapping through pipes got you down? Tapping on your screen to crunch cookies or killing monsters have you feeling like you’re going nowhere with your life? I know after as many tunnel walls as I’ve avoided and building rooftops I’ve jumped, I’m getting closer and closer to that point. Sounds pretty sad for our phones…  but the team over at Finji have the game to blast past it!  Hop over and read more to find out about Journey of 1000 Stars!


This cuddly-yet-infuriating-looking game has a simple objective: collect as many stars as you can with your cute little friends. In fact if you look closely your character Tripitaka (green monk) and his friends Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, the game is a Journey to the West pastiche. You and your friends (who are also after stars) jump from cloud to cloud collecting as many stars as you can to create a high score. I tend to lose a LOT of time to simple games like these, and considering Tripitaka’s mount poops rainbows, who could get tired of that? 


Now while I’m playing on my break or on “the throne”, I hate receiving notifications, especially when I’m on a hot streak. So what did Finji add to the game? Distraction-Free Mode. That’s right, you can poop rainbows without your boss telling you to get back to work, AND play Journey of 1000 Stars!

Now if you actually have to be a productive member of society, you don’t have to worry about losing progress mid-run either, because Journey also has an awesome “Count In” resume feature; so hopefully there’s no need to make your dog wait until you’ve collected 250 stars so it can go poop.

Per a tweet from the developer, you’ll be able to collect stars on iOS and Android for only $0.99 USD “soon” — presumably, once it has cleared the iOS vetting process.

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