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Cloud and the Gang Hunt for Monsters in Final Fantasy Explorers


When the world is at war over its reserves of power crystals, you are charged with making an elite team of the greatest warriors from the Final Fantasy universe to retrieve more from a crystal rich island. What’s the catch? Of course, the island is inhabited by hordes of iconic Final Fantasy monsters and even god-like Eidolons. This is Final Fantasy Explorers.


This all-new game for the 3DS is best described as Final Fantasy meets Monster Hunter, and it definitely shows in its gameplay. Players will assemble a team to venture out and defeat an ever-increasing hoard monsters to claim crystals. As the players level up and explore, they will achieve the ability to transform into some of their favorite FF characters such as Cloud from FFVII and Lightning from FFXIII. Players will also unlock the ability to earn and use summoned creatures to aid in these fights.


Even though it plays as a third person action game, it will still rely on RPG elements and FF tropes. Players will lead a team of four characters, which will allow for three bots or online friends to support and help in the fight. Fights will net your team gil, crystals, and parts for crafting impressive armor and weapons. Players will also have access to a “trance” mode where they will briefly turn into a famous Final Fantasy character of their choice.


Get your Omnislash on when Final Fantasy Explorers drops for Nintendo 3DS on January 26th for $39.99 US.

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