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Chaaaarge!!!! BattleSouls Slashes Its Way To Steam


Pixeleap enters the gaming fray with BattleSouls.

Strike down your foes with your sword, throw fireballs, or use insidious bottles of magic to make your enemies cower before you. Choose up to three heroes from the five which will be available at the time of open beta, but make sure you choose wisely as each hero has their own class and unique abilities.

One of the exciting features about this game is that you can freely switch between the classes during battle and over time, Pixeleap will be releasing more classes and characters for you to choose from. You gotta start somewhere, right?

The game itself looks to be extremely fast-paced which is great, it keeps things moving and your senses alert. “Balancing close-quarters and ranged attacks is absolutely crucial to success in BattleSouls,” states Pixeleap CEO Peter Kjaer. For those that were big fans of fast FPS games like Team Fortress 2, Peter says, “We’re inspired by games like [TF2] and we believe it shows in the frantic battles as well as the colorful arenas where the action takes place.”

The game will starts with five unique classes of characters, ranging from knights with melee attacks to wizards focused on ranged attacks. All have their own gameplay style, active and passive abilities. Game-changing class hot-swap mechanics, which will let you change from one type of character to another such as melee attacks one second and ranged the next, you are in control and can change to a different style when you need it most.

There will be four gorgeous vibrant arenas, as you can see, full of color and detail. Each arena or “map” will have its own strategy for attacking and defending. Matches for this fast-paced multiplayer game will last around 10-15 minutes, perfect for when you are in a rush and feel like hacking and slashing, or perfect for lunch time at work when you just want to get away.

BattleSouls launches into open beta on Steam on May 12, 2016. Be sure to keep an eye on it and get your beta key when available. This game looks like it will be a blast.

Check out the trailer below and check out their webpage:

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