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Celebrate Indie In 2016 At IndieCade East


It’s that time once again where the industry comes together to celebrate everything indie at IndieCade East.

For those who don’t know, IndieCade is the premier indie games festival and IndieCade East is held every year at the Museum of Moving Image in New York City. The event brings together the latest and greatest in the indie games scene including panels, guest speakers, workshops, and of course, the show room floor.


“This year’s IndieCade East will be an incredible exhibition of alternative games and installations and reflects the innovation and creativity inherent in interactive entertainment as an art form,” said Stephanie Barish, chief executive officer of IndieCade. “In addition, independent developers and aspiring creators will be able to take advantage of our many workshops and speaker presentations to grow their craft, refine their businesses and truly flourish as artists in the interactive entertainment industry.”


“As in past years, we are pleased to welcome IndieCade East and the vibrant independent game development community, as well as the broader game-playing public, to the Museum to celebrate the art, technology, and business of independent game design and production,” said Carl Goodman, Executive Director of Museum of the Moving Image.


Speakers for IndieCade East 2016 include business leaders, developers, professors and many more disciplines from within interactive entertainment. Some of the speakers for this year’s event include: Mihai Gosa, CTO/CEO, KillHouse Games; Juan Gril, Studio Manager, Joju Games; Todd Harper, Visiting Professor, University of Baltimore, USA; Thomas Knowlton, Outreach Librarian, MyLibraryNYC, NY Public Library; Mike Lazer-Walker, Playful Systems, MIT Media Lab; and Richard Marks, Director, PlayStation Magic Lab, Sony Interactive Entertainment just to name a few.


Whether you’re a novice or expert, IndieCade East has game building panels and workshops for every level. IndieCade East will present a series of talks and workshops led by some of the industry’s leading players, covering new technology, development strategies, creative process and much more.


And of course, the show room floor will be packed with all the best of what indie has to offer in 2016. There are so many games, we can’t list them all on this page so you can head over to to see all the games, demos, and any other information you will need about the event.

IndieCade 2016 runs from April 29th – May 1st.

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