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Cause Some Chaos in Future Seoul with Agents of Mayhem

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Volition, the geniuses behind the Saints Row series, are back on the scene and they are making an open world, super agent, third person shooter set in a future version of Seoul, South Korea. I’ll give you time to put your exploded brain back in your head after that. That’s right. Agents of Mayhem will see players take on the role of 12 different agents with special abilities who are on a mission to stop the evil terrorist organization known as The League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations… or LEGION for short. Each agent has different powers. For instance, the team’s flamboyant PR guy, Hollywood, can make himself temporarily invulnerable, possibly cause he’s just so handsome?


It appears to be a little cleaner and mild than what we normally expect from Volition, but with the game not releasing until next year, there is plenty of time to write in some adult humor and add plenty more bloody battles. Either way, we are super excited to see how this title turns out in the end. You can check out some gameplay of Agents of Mayhem from this year’s E3 below.

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