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Can You Outrun The Corruption In Standby?


Are you a fan of lightning fast 2D platformer games? Do you enjoy the challenge of games like Super Meat Boy and N++<.em>? Do you love dying flashy colorful deaths over and over in the pursuit of the fastest speed run? Then Noclip may just have the game for you. Check out their latest offering Standby.

In Standby, players are inside a game that has been infected with a virus so they must race to the end of the level as fast as possible or face certain doom. This game blends a colorful and minimalist aesthetic with the pulse-pounding action of some of the fastest speed runners on the market. Players will be able to run, jump, slide, and boost to through over 50 intense levels of speed runner greatness. The game will also have its own unique glitchy beats based soundtrack to listen to while you run for your life.





Standby is set to release this fall, but you can try out a demo of the game right now on their steam page.

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