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Building the Vulcanus: Week five

I GOT MY SCREWS, along with a few other things, but that finally means I can start assembling the frame!


I did however discover a small issue while I was doing so. I hadn’t printed some of the brackets thick enough. One of them snapped right down the middle while I was tightening the screw. So that means I need to print a whole bunch of extra ones with reinforced supports just to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Good thing it doesn’t take too long. I would have taken a picture of the bracket, but by the time I thought about it my wife had already thrown it out. Oh well.



One more thing that arrived from China (ironically last week whereas the screws arrived today) was the motors. These are the beautiful things that make the 3d printer run. I ordered them two weeks ago from China and they arrived last Friday.



Unfortunately since the screws only arrived today I wasn’t able to assemble much before I had to start working on this column. Didn’t help that my son was home sick from daycare so I had to watch him all day as well.

I’ll have a short update later this week with more of the build assembled and more pictures. Until then!


Yves Hacault is very happy to finally be able to work on his printer again.

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