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Building the Vulcanus: Week 3

Welcome back everyone!

I took last week off because I got a new job and needed to train. Training is done now and back to writing and 3d…ing?

Anyway, so my search to find local M5 10mm bolts in bulk was fruitless. Either they didn’t have the amount I needed, or they didn’t have the size I needed. Quite unfortunately, but thankfully the internet came to my rescue.

Enter Ebay and China. I ordered 150 of these badboys  and now I just need to wait for them to get here. Along with those, I also needed 100 of these things.

Now, once they get here the next step is starting to assemble the frames.


The first picture is the beginning step of the assembly, while the second is the top “stage”. The printer itself will have four stages, one for the extruder, one for the motors, one for the actual print plate and one that is simply structural and holds bearings and pulleys.


So, tune in next week when these goddamn bolts (hopefully) come in and I can show you what the completely assembled frame will look like.


Until next time!


Yves Hacault is a content writer for AYBonline, he is only slowly going insane.

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