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Brigador Stomps into Full Release on June 2nd

The great leader is dead, and thus begins the mechanized fight to free Solo Nobre. For real this time.

Brigador is leaving Early Access with the full game dropping on PC, Mac, and Linux June 2nd. Stellar Jockeys says the full game will bring dozens of additions to the original core game launched in October 2015, including a new 21-mission story mode. Players will also receive an upgrade system that includes a number of different pilots, vehicles, and weapons.

Liberating Solo Nobre is the goal, and it’s one to be achieved by any means necessary. Destroy the enemy’s armies and orbital defenses. Cause chaos, complete contracts, and escape to earn currency. Brigador is an “isometric mech shooter” and its Stellar Jockeys’ first game, built on a proprietary engine. In a way it reminds me of Jackal for NES, but I think that’s just because of the look of the little men and explosions.

A $30 bundle that comes with Brigador, its soundtrack, and an audio book written by Brad Buckmaster and narrated by Ryan Cooper is available for pre-order now at, as well as on Steam. The OST and audio book will be available as DLC on Steam as well.

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