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Blood Bowl 2 World Cup Set To Begin Next Month

So you’ve played Blood Bowl 2 and gotten good enough that none of your friends want to play with you, but how do you really know that you’ve truly reached the pinnacle of turning your enemies into a red stain on the grass?

Developer Cyanide Studios has you covered with the announcement of the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup.  Open to all PC players, the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup starts in February, with the top 64 players from preliminary qualifying rounds progressing into the tournament proper. If you prove you’re indeed the best in the world at linebacker-based homicide, you could walk away with some pretty sweet prizes including $10,000 cash, ASUS gaming computer setups, various gaming peripherals and other Blood Bowl 2 goodies.

If you think you’re ready to put your ego on the line, you can register right now, read the rules, and check out the prizes here.

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