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Bioshock Remastered Launching Today on PC


“All good things of this earth flow into the city” were the words that greeted players 9 years ago when they first entered the underwater city of Rapture.

The city under the sea is still my favorite video game city to this day. It’s time to go back to a better looking version of Rapture with the release of the remastered editions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2. If you own one or both of the games on steam the remastered editions will be unlocked at 5pm central time.

To get an idea of how much work went into the remaster, the original Bioshock is about 8GB, the remastered is 25GB full of improved textures, models and visual effects(like steam,water and lighting). Bioshock 2 didn’t need as much love but will still have improved lighting and water effects.

I can’t wait to play Bioshock 2 because I wrote it off as a cash grab when it was released and wasn’t able to play it recently because of constant crashes related to direct x 10. There is also another bonus to exploring Rapture for golden reels with the developers looking back on the creation on Rapture.

I’m glad 2K didn’t pull that same garbage 4A Games pulled with Metro Redux charging PC players that owned the original versions extra to upgrade to the remastered versions that were released for PS4 and Xbox One.

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