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Better Late Than Never; Owlboy is Ready for Action


If you don’t remember seeing the original trailer for the beautiful indie pixel art game Owlboy, we wouldn’t blame you. It has been 10 years since the game started development and I count myself as one of the people that has been eagerly awaiting this moment. Counting the weeks, months, and years as time went by, it looked like Owlboy was never going to get his time in the sun. But that all changes today. Check out the official release trailer for Owlboy!

As you can see, Owlboy is a lovingly handcrafted pixel art masterpiece created by the geniuses over at D-Pad Studios, and they have spent all of their time making this game as good as it can be. Players will take control of Otus, a mute Owlboy who has the ability to pick up and move things to help him attack enemies and solve puzzles. Owlboy is set in a large open world setting filled with colorful characters, dark dungeons, and challenging boss battles. And the game is pretty easy on the eyes, thanks to the years and years put into animating the gorgeous pixel art sprites and worlds.






Owlboy is finally set to release this fall on Steam and I cannot wait to play it!

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