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Become Your Own Worst En-emy in Echo

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Spending a century in stasis, a girl named En awakes to find she has arrived at her destination: a legendary palace from a lost civilization from eons ago. She hopes to use a long-lost technology to bring someone back from the dead. But there is one problem: while searching the palace, she finds that she is not alone. The empty halls are now alive with the sound of her own Echo.

Echo is a truly original title brought to us by the new studio Ultra Ultra. Players will take control of the mysterious girl En, who must enter the palace to search for the ancient technology that can bring life to the dead. But upon entering, players will find that this place is more than just a pristine palace, but more of a death trap. The palace is always watching you and learning your moves. It will then create echoes in your likeness that will move like you and do what you do with only one goal in mind: seek and destroy the intruder.


You will have to be swift and smart to stay alive, as the palace will always attempt to update its echoes with the newest and best version of En. Luckily, players will catch a break when the palace wants to update its echoes, it will have to power down and reboot. While this happens, the palace is blind and it is time for En to act without consequence. Use your weapons, maneuver around the environment, and aggressively take down the echoes, because when the lights return, it’s game on.




This looks to be one of the most truly unique gaming experiences in recent history, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Echo is slated for a spring 2017 release on Steam and unannounced consoles.

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