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Be The Apocalypse In Zombie Night Terror!

zombie 3

How has it taken so long for someone to give us control of an evil horde of 8-bit zombies? Well that’s exactly what NoClip Studios has brought us and it looks like a bloody good time! Check out the new trailer for Zombie Night Terror.

NoClip Studios out of France has decided to hand over control of an ever growing and mutating army of the undead and it’s up to the player to destroy all of mankind.

The game has a beautiful black and white 8-bit style with bloody red accents and looks to be inspired by the classic Lemmings game for PC and Console. The visuals, music and game play look to be the perfect format for this type of game.

zombie 2

Players will control a horde of zombies in over 40 challenge levels to try and take down the pitiful humans, but they won’t go down without a fight. That’s when players will have to use mutators to change their zombies into running, jumping, and exploding deadly flesh monsters.

zombie 1

Zombie Night Terror is looking to be an excellent first release from NoClip and I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it releases this spring for PC and Mac.

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