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Battlefield 1 Open Beta Announcement


It’s time to get ready for battle, today DICE announced the Battlefield 1 open beta will start on August 31st. Anyone that signed up for the Battlefield Insider program will get early access to the beta.

Unfortunately DICE didn’t list when the early access starts but you can still sign up for the Insider program until August 21st. We also got details on the map and modes that will be playable during the beta.

The map is called Sinai Desert, shown in the Gamescom trailer to be a rocky desert map with small towns and large open areas. The map seems to have a focus on vehicle combat with an alright amount of cover in the small towns. I hope this map is closer to Operation Firestorm than Silk Road so it doesn’t turn into everyone not in a vehicle getting shelled constantly by tanks and LAVs.

The modes available will be 64 player conquest focused on holding multiple objectives with lots of vehicles and 24 player rush mode focused on arming charges on sets of objectives to move forwards. As a huge fan of the chaos created with 64 player rush I’m a little disappointed they limited it to 24 players, I’ll have to wait until October 21st for some 64 player rush action.

The trailer also showed off some awesome equipment like battle trains, flamethrowers, swords, horses and what looks like a battle pick up armour suit and minigun.

On August 16th at 2 pm central the Battlefield Twitch will have a 64 player match featuring famous Twitch and Youtubers.

Patrick Algeo combat medic and writer for All Your Base Online.

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