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BASELine: Viper V560 Gaming Mouse

Here is the second Viper-series peripheral launched by Patriot.


The Viper V560 carries the same red-and-black colour scheme as their V360 headset. I’m more of a blue-and-black kind of guy, but the V560 is tastefully done.

The V560 is a very adjustable mouse, allowing you to add or remove weights as well as two different ring finger and pinkie rests. One rest has two ridges for your fingers, and the other one has a gentile curve. I found my fingers were to big for the one with two ridges, but the curved one was comfortable. 

The V560 also has a DPI switch on the side and 4 LEDs to show DPI settings. I personally don’t find myself changing DPI, but this feature works and may be useful to you.

At the maximum of 8200 DPI, I found the sensor tracked well compared to my more expensive SteelSeries Sensei RAW. The soft rubber finish felt great and didn’t show fingerprints or sweat, but may wear off over time. If you’re looking for a great mouse under $60 CDN, I highly recommend the Viper V560.

I’ll have a full review shortly. Stay tuned!

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