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BASELine: Tesoro Gandiva Mouse

I’ll start this off by saying that the Gandiva gaming mouse from Tesoro looks really cool.


The angled plastic finish that resembles brushed aluminum looks good, and doesn’t show fingerprints or oil on it. The LEDs have a nice of brightness and they make most of the mouse glow. (One qualm: on the box, it says “Adjustable full color LED control” but looking through the software and pressing all the buttons on the mouse I can’t find any way to change anything LED wise. Do I have to download different software to do so? It’s unclear.)

The mouse is nice to hold after some getting used to, with the exception of the edges — I found them jabbing into my thumb, and there isn’t a good place to rest your pinkie finger, so it ends up dragging on the mouse pad. It’s on the lighter side of mice, but it doesn’t feel that light while using it.

The Gandiva has a lot of extra rebindable keys, and the software is easy to use. The extra buttons do feel a little bit mushy — very easy to press — but the placement is good. The 8200 DPI laser sensor felt smooth, with no tracking issues and no acceleration.

Altogether, the mouse gets a pass from me. The edges are a bit uncomfortable and the extra buttons are mushy, but the sensor tracks well and the software has a great amount of customization.

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