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BASELine: Patriot Viper V360 Review

The Viper V360 headset is a very impressive first showing from Patriot.


It’s not often that a company can just enter a new market without a few hiccups, but it looks like Patriot has done that here.

The V360 is a virtual-surround-sound, USB-only gaming headset, coming in at a very attractive $79.99 CDN. Personally, I am still on the fence about USB-only headsets. The benefit of USB is that you can have stuff like virtual surround sound, or cool LEDs like the red ones on the ear cups of the V360. The downside to USB-only is that it won’t work on tablets or smartphones, and if your motherboard has a nice sound card, you won’t be able to use it.

This headset has a cool feature that I haven’t seen in a few years: the bass-boost mode uses vibration motors similar to the ones in smartphones to give the headset to create a super-strong bassy feel without having to turn them up. The switch for the mode is on the side of the headset, which is nice as well — no fumbling around halfway down the cord for the controls!

The V360 headband is awesome; it uses the headband option made famous by the Steelseries Siberia headset, and it’s very comfortable for long gaming session. The drivers in each ear cup have a very balanced sound signature to them that pair well with the bass boost.

There’s only one real downside to the headset — the mic makes your voice sound high-pitched and tinny, and a little bit compressed as well.

Altogether, I feel that the Viper V360 is a great value for the price tag and I can’t wait to see what Patriot will come out with next.

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