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BaseLAN 30 Starts Now

And boy, is it shaping up to be a good-‘er.

AYBonline BL30 banner

We’ve got well over $35,000+ in prizes to give away from our amazing sponsors, a dozen tournaments on offer, and a solid 48 hours of gaming ahead of us!

Here’s the PC tournament schedule —

PC Tournament Schedule

Remember to log into LanHUB to see who’s playing which games, sign yourself and your team up for all those tournaments, and more!

We’ll have two channels going on Twitch, AYBtv and AYBtv2! Here’s what you’ll see on those channels (all times CDT):


  • 6 PM to 7 PM: BaseLAN 30 Hypecast!
  • 7 PM to 12 AM: Rocket League


  • 11 AM to 5 PM: Overwatch
  • 6 PM to 12 AM: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


  • 10 AM to ~2 PM: Overwatch Final Rounds
  • ~ 2 PM: Counter-Strike Final Rounds


  • 7 PM to 12 AM: Dark Souls 3 (uncommentated)


  • 11 AM to 2 PM: League of Legends
  • 2 PM to 5 PM: Hearthstone (uncommentated)
  • 9 PM to 12 AM: Unreal Tournament (uncommentated)


  • 10 AM to ~2 PM: Overwatch Final Rounds (simulcast on AYBtv)
  • ~ 2 PM: Counter-Strike Final Rounds (simulcast on AYBtv)

(A quick note: actual broadcast games and times are subject to change without notice.)

Finally, make sure you watch some of the streams, and enter to win a frickin’ HTC Vive!

HTC Vive Giveaway

Yeah. This is happening. Now we here. You can win a Vive, fam. I ain’t kidding.

Last but not least, a personal message from me to you all–don’t forget to shower each day! I’m-a be sitting underneath some hot, hot lights mere feet from all of you, and I don’t want the heat from our sweet, sweet productions to be exacerbated by any funk from all y’all! So be kind to your teammates and me, and make sure you buy that Hot Shower upgrade between rounds.

See you all there!

Jesse Mackenzie is the Managing Editor of, and he is SO HYPE RIGHT NOW. He can be reached at, and his opinions are his own.


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