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Maybe you’re a veteran BaseLAN attendee or maybe this is your first time, however we have never had a show like this. Prepare yourself for some sweet, sweet, BaseLAN 30 hype. I’ll fill you in on what’s going on, what to catch and how you can win yourself an HTC Vive and an HTC Vive ready system!

First and foremost we’ll be hosting our first ever panels this year. Presenting sponsor Nvidia will be coming down and hosting a panel on the new GeForce GTX 10 series and Pascal, as well as a VR gaming panel hosted by our VR specialists. You can catch the panels here.

Nvidia Technology Panel – Saturday (Pan Am Room, Free) 1pm – GeForce GTX – The Power of 10 NVIDIA, the leader in visual computing technologies, has unleashed the world’s most advanced GPU – Pascal. Come learn about our GeForce GTX 10-series and how we are accelerating PC gaming critical mass via eSports and VR.

VR Gaming Panel AYBOnline – Sunday (Pan Am Room, Free) – 11 AM – Showing off the different types of VR devices and what can be done with them. Talking about games and what the future holds for VR.

Now I’ve told you, my readers, you can win an HTC Vive and a Vive ready machine, donated by our sponsors and HTC. We’ll be giving you a chance to get a pre-made build and a Vive; the VR Ready AMD Computer and HTC Vive raffle will be done after the event and the winner will be announced Sunday and contacted.  The cost of the entry is $5 for 25 entries, purchasable at the AYB merch table and the AYB admin table.

We are also doing our normal Rockstar raffle and Rockstar has gratuitously donated an LED bar sign for the winner. Each entry gets a free Rockstar drink with purchase, cost is $3 each. This raffle is only available for BaseLAN attendees.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! We will have tons of sponsor booths ranging from VR Demos to tech, there’s even a case mod contest happening this weekend!

AYB Sponsor Booths

  • HTC – Showing off 2 Vives, different demos.
  • Nvidia – Showing off new and upcoming Nvidia Technologies
  • CPU Magazine – Case Mod Contest
  • AYB VR Demos – Oculus Rift and Vive VR demos powered by Asus and Zotac
  • MSI – see the newest in mobile gaming laptops
  • Powercolor – AMD video card technology
  • Memory Express – Hardware galore

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And we’re all coming together for the love of many things this weekend, LAN, tournaments and games, so why not come down and show some love to some local indie devs as they invade Indie Alley! Come show your support, play some games and support the local talent!

Indie Alley 

  • Goblin Puncher – by Marcio, Hayden and Jake
  • Star Rangers – by Project Whitecard
  • Title Not Revealed – by Brendan Miller-Young
  • Lost Cities (VR) and Flipside (VR) – by Campfire Union
  • No Title (VR)– by Bit Space Dev
  • No Title – by Electric Monk Media
  • Mutliple Titles – by Graeme Borland, Amy Gerardy and Spencer Marr

Lastly for those of you who cannot join us we’ll be hosting a series of streams all weekend. You can find the primary show with shoutcasting for eSports such as CSGO, Rocketleague and Overwatch over at AYBTV and our secondary programming such as Dota II and League of legends on AYBTV II

Of course, what’s a BaseLAN without dope merchandise? We’ll be launching the new logo design t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, toques (beanies), hats, and leggings. We also have Patriot batteries and wireless chargers, PS4 controller covers and lots more.

So get hyped! BaseLAN is in only ten days! We’re all about the HYPE TRAIN!

Steve Noel is the Deputy Editor

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